Really versatile, the freestanding hoop offers the aerial look without the hanging concerns. 

Serge 2
photo 1 cerceau autoportant

Gatsby - 5min 40

Lovely twenties!

This act will make you want to stand up and swing!

(This act can be perform with a live singer)

Lolly - 6 min 20

This elegant act would add a wow factor to your event and impress your guests..

Gladys the husband hunter- 8-10 minutes

“Gladys the husband hunter” is a humoristic circus act mixing free-standing Lyra, dance and comedy with public interaction. It tells the story of a “30 something” single woman who wakes a morning and decides that she will marry today. She’s desperate to do so, but she needs to improve on seduction. The audience will follow her in her quest to seduce the man that will make her say, “I do”. Laughter is assured … seduction, hum maybe not. 

**Costumes can be adaptated to your event - Option to change the music for a little extra.**